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All the Major Announcements of Google I/O 2019

by Nikunj Jagad | May 8, 2019 | All
All the Major Announcements of Google I/O 2019
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So the big day is here and Google has broken down the Internet with its awesome announcements for I/O updates for hardware and software. Users are getting crazy and features are ready to impress them down, yet again. Though the annual developer conference held in California (from May 7 to May 9) will be announcing more updates, we are here to help you know the announced updates!

You need not to go anywhere else for knowing the Google thing, take a look at the points mentioned below to know all the major announcements done in the Google I/O 2019.

Android Q beta 3

Google announced that there are nearly 2.5 billion active Android devices in the world. Really, 2.5 billion is really a big number! Android 10 is the next big thing in to get released this year. Of course, the first Android Q beta has been released. But Google has announced several new features that will be coming with an updated version of the Android Q beta. And not only Android Q beta 3, Google has also announced its new features like system-wide dark mode and improved gestures. It will also bring improvements to the mobile OS security and privacy models.
The next version of Android Q will also have Project mainline, which is an initiative of distributing the security updates to Android phones via the Play store. When it comes to privacy and security, it will be more accessible from your profile. Also, there are 50 new and different security changes in Android Q.


And Android Q isn’t done yet, Google is adding new accessibility features to Android Q as well. One is Live Caption, which offers on-device live captioning for all videos. Another one, Live Relay, allows speech-disabled people to accept phone calls via Google assistant. Another one, Project Euphoria, is primarily meant to help people communicate faster (for people with speech impairments).

Next-generation Google Assistant

Google’s assistant will be more attentive with unbelievable speed and faster response. The ‘Continued conversion’ feature also lets the users speak even more naturally. There’s also a wake command called ‘Hey Google’ which you can use ahead of every request. And that’s not all, the Google assistant allows the users to speak command after command in rapid succession.

Web Duplex

Basically Google Duplex is the feature of Artificial Intelligence, which acts as a virtual personal assistant. This service rolled out last year to make acute calls on restaurants and make reservations on the user’s behalf. Duplex has now moved to the phone. Now Duplex can navigate through the website in integration with Google assistant. Right now Duplex on the web isn’t available, but just for yet.

Google Search

One of the most important products of Google, the Google search has got a number of announcements this year in Google I/O 2019. ‘Addition of the podcast’ feature will be added to give the users the ability to find podcasts in search. It will also allow to even save the episodes for later listening. Also, the users can also search and interact with the results quickly using camera integration and augmented reality capabilities.

Nest Home Max

One another major announcement involves the falling of all the smart home devices under the nest brand, as Google has combined its nest and smart home products together. ‘Nest Home Max’ will be the first product to be introduced under the updated umbrella brand. It will be a 10-inch display Google home hub, and will have all the features from the Home hub with few new ones.

Digital wellbeing

Google has announced the updation of Digital wellbeing with ‘Focus mode’, the new feature. It is also adding more parental control to Digital well-being and has paused YouTube to keep the users focused. The users will be able to set daily screentime limits and see the downloaded apps.

Google Stadia

Stadia is the gaming subscription service of Google. It has announced the cloud-based platform at the GDC gaming conference in March. Still, Google is yet to inform more on the Stadia, but it will offer a triple-A game streaming potential to everyone with Chrome web browser and internet access. It is compatible with Chromecast Ultra and browser on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops as well.

Android automotive OS

Though Google is having a number of Android automotive OS topics to announce, one of them is the third-party app development. There can be more announcements in relation to this at Google I/O 2019. Just last week Google has announced that it opened a new platform to media application developers for building up of “new entertainment experiences”.

Final Words

Much more announcements are yet to come, but the latest ones made by Google are already in their better phrase. Some of the rumors like the launch of cheaper Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL proved true. This year Google has focused on both hardware and software of its products. Let’s hope for even better announcements later on!