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Web Development

At Direct Leadz, we provide homogenous web development solutions that include web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and network security configuration. Our expertise in web development ranges from plain text pages to complex web based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications. We create websites that assist in lead generation, high ROI and swift business growth.
PHP Web Development
At Direct Leadz, we have a team of skilled PhP Developers who are capable of delivering bespoke results for each and every PhP Web Development assignment that they work on! Our PhP web developers are well versed with all the popular frameworks that enable us to deliver top notch products that are delivered within agreed upon time frame and budget.
WordPress Development
More than one in four websites that you visit are likely to be powered by WordPress. We provide adroit WordPress Development solutions for all types of websites relating to business, eCommerce stores, blogs, portfolios, forums, social networks and pretty much everything that you can think of!
Joomla Development
Direct Leadz is the right place if you are looking for providing your customers with an enhanced user experience and a feature rich website that is not only engaging but also functional,. Our expert Joomla Development teams are capable of designing high performance, mobile capable and user friendly websites.
Drupal Development
Drupal Development software promotes maximum control over the content and flexibility to allow modifications and transformations. Our Drupal Development teams at Direct Leadz are experts of this magnificent and rock solidly secure CMS.
ASP.NET Development Development services create amazing web applications, web services and dynamic content-driven websites. Our developers at Direct Leadz love for its high speed, low cost, vast language support and familiar Windows server environment. Our experienced teams can work wonders with their skills in Development.
Magento Development
Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms available today. Its an open source technology that offers flexible, scalable e-Commerce solutions. Our Magento Development teams can help you enhance and develop the business conversion and increase the creative control on your e-commerce platform.
Laravel Development
Laravel provides the advantage of having a web application that is developer friendly and code that is maintainable. Our programming teams at Direct Leadz are experts at building reliable and maintainable customer web applications with the help of Laravel development.
Web Design Services

UI/UX Development

User Experience and User Interface both go hand in hand for any IT product. Knowing who the target audience is and how to make their experience the most rewarding and delightful is the responsibility of the UX design team and at Direct Leadz, we take this responsibility very seriously! Our experienced UI/UX Development teams work on creating UIs that are embedded in UXs so well, it doesn’t even feel like its there, making it seamless and intuitive to give the users an excellent experience.
UI/UX Design
UI Design and UX Design are crucial to an IT product. At Direct Leadz, our designers work closely to make sure user interface and user experience are interwoven in the best way possible to give the users a satisfying experience in accessing applications or websites.
Information Architecture
Information Architecture is first and foremost component for any task. To make UI/UX that best represent a product/brand, our teams do a lot of competitor analysis, customer analysis, product structure and content development. Our closely coordinated designer and developer teams work together to build reliable and effective information about your product.
Wire framing provides an early visual that can be used to review with the client. Our experts at Direct Leadz create wireframes that ensure the page content and functionality is positioned correctly based on users and business needs. This serves as a blueprint of the layout of key pages and the navigation.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is about using numerous tactics and channels to connect to your customers. We have a whole team of enthusiastic social media marketers, email marketers and content marketers who could help you with their expert solutions for SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, pay per click, marketing automations and everything and anything that helps you maximize your reach online.
Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the content, technical set-up and reach of your website. Direct Leadz experts help you with a well constructed website that is easy to use with some valuable and engaging content with the perfect combination of key words that make your name appear on the top of a search engine.
Pay Per Click
Pay per click advertising is widely used marketing tactic that drives the traffic to your website. Pay Per Click ads are visible and effective and most importantly they reach up to the end customers! Direct Leadz has some of the best experts that could craft your Pay Per Click strategies to maximize your reach.
Great content is the fuel that drives your digital marketing. We help you identify the trends in the way people research and buy a product by helping you with marketing strategies that help you attract visitors and build links. Content generator teams at Direct Leadz create some of the most interesting contents that best represents your brand.

Mobile App Development

Mobiles are the most accessible medium today with the ever surpassing demand for newer technologies and apps. Direct Leadz teams work closely by trying out multiple solutions before finding the one that’s perfect for your Mobile App Development needs. Our programmers are experienced in building native apps, HTML5 apps and Hybrid apps.
Responsive Mobile Marketing in USA
iOS App development
Direct Leadz experts provide some of the most outstanding products that work smooth on all the iOS devices that include iPad, Apple TV, watch OS and iPhones. We’ve delivered some of the most exemplary and trend setting iOS apps that offer seamless user experience.
Android App Development
Our experienced teams at Direct Leadz, are experts at designing and creating android apps that are efficient and user friendly. Our android app development teams can create some interesting apps that would make your brand stand out in the crowd!
Cross Platform App Development
Cross platform mobile development is the creation of software applications that are compatible with multiple mobile operating systems. Our master developers at Direct Leadz deliver engaging, personalized cross platform apps that are valuable to your users and companies.
React Native App Development
React native has gained massive popularity owing to its amazing capabilities and features. Direct Leadz teams are capable of writing brilliant apps that could rapidly transform the world of mobile by keeping react native development as the base.
iPad App Development
Demand for iPads keeps on increasing, thanks to the excellent user experience that apple provides and this has contributed to bringing iPad app development into focus. Direct Leadz provide a perfect mix of creativity, proficiency and framework to deliver prominent iPad apps for you.

Hire Dedicated Developers

If you want to hire dedicated developers who are skilled and professional, Direct Leadz is the right place where you can choose from a variety of talented, hardworking individuals who are capable of devising some really cool applications and software. Just give us your requirements and we will help you chose some of the finest talents for your job.
Hire ios App Developers
We strive to offer you most customized app solutions when you hire iOS Developers from Direct Leadz. Our experienced programmers can give you fine performing apps that give a sublime user experience.
Hire PHP Web Developers
PHP Developers at Direct Leadz specialize in developing programmes, applications and websites using this dynamic scripting language. Our experienced team of web developers and software developers is the right kind of talent if you are searching for hiring PhP Developers.
Hire iPad App Developers
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Hire Joomla Developers
Our dedicated Joomla developers at Direct Leadz, can develop user friendly, responsive and multilingual websites using Joomla. Our expert teams can provide you specific solutions and customizations that best suit your requirements.
Hire AngularJS Developers
Angular JS is structural framework for dynamic web apps. Hire our angular JS developers for your short term tasks, recurring projects and full time contract work. Direct Leadz has some of the most dedicated angular JS Developers.

JS Development

JS is an incredibly versatile language that adds dynamic interactivity to your website. If you are looking for solutions for JavaScript Development, Direct Leadz is the place where you can get best JS Development services for your requirements. Our experienced and skilled professionals are capable of providing you solutions that are robust, scalable and effective.
ReactJS Development
Direct Leadz is a hub for developers who are experts of all types of JS development. We are specialized in developing React based front end applications. We hold quiet a good experience into delivering React JS Development solutions and you can rest assured about the quality of our work.
AngularJS Development
Direct Leadz is one of the earlier adopters of Angular JS Development. We proud ourselves in having delivered some excellent multiple live applications. If you are looking for an Angular JS Development company, you have come to the right place.
Node.js Development
Node.JS Development is the latest and best technology for building fast, scalable and real time applications. Direct Leadz has some of the best talents who are experts in Node.JS Development frameworks. We have developed scalable real time apps with Node.JS.