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Top 9 Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

by Nikunj Jagad | February 20, 2019 | All
Top 9 Mobile App Development Trends for 2019
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Like 2018, the present year is still going to be ruled by none other than the epic Mobile App Development trends. The latest researches claim to have about 5 billion mobile users from all over the world. And with such a big number, it’s going to be really challenging to keep up with the increasing expectations of a more Hi-tech use. The different mobile applications play a vital role in running smartphones its other versions. It is a fact that only the best ones will survive in this cut-throat competition. If you are a mobile App developer, then you gotta be very creative and thoughtful enough to guess the right nerve of your audience to make your app a hit!

Knowing the latest trends has always helped the developers to know the likes and dislikes of smartphone lovers. It can be your key to create yet another revolutionary mobile application!

So do you want to know the best running mobile App development trends that are going to rule 2019? You won’t have to go anywhere else because I have got the complete list of the top 9 trends to look for creating an ideal mobile app.

Let’s check it out all here

1) AR/VR

One of the promising forms of mobile App development, the era of AR ( Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) has just started. And the acceptance of the big web platforms has given it even a more run to look for. You can create the best mobile app using the AR/VR technology, no doubt. 2018 has been the outburst of gaming applications using the same technology, but this year will not only follow-up the same, but will add on other sectors of public involvement too.

2) Artificial Intelligence

The all-time favorites of every App developer these days!! Artificial intelligence and machine learning become the personal favorites the year they hit the mobile App development market. By the next year 2020, the AI & Machine Learning market will reach $40 billion. AI technology has developed deep roots in building up varied mobile applications. Hence you must be keeping an eye on this effective technology, which is one of the most user-friendly techniques!

3) Blockchain

Blockchain technology has always been one of the most used app creation techniques, even being a 2-year newbie in the app development world. The market is full of blockchain apps, and its still increasing at the same speed. Estimates are expecting the blockchain market to reach $20 billion in the coming 5 years. So, more chances are for your high profits if you allow mobile users accessing with the mobile apps posing this technology, and create an app using the Blockchain technique.

4) Beacons

Beacon is an emerging, yet among the best app development technologies in 2019. For its seamless and effective technology, the beacons have become the favorites of Tourism, Food and Healthcare sectors. Also their easy to reach capability at any certain point makes it stand out from the other App development Biggies! It will be not worn g to say that the future beacon add-ons will surely involve AI enable chips, mobile payments and machine learning techniques too.

5) Chatbot

If you are in a mood of making profits via customer engagement, then Chatbox technology is for you. This technology is especially in trend because of the high requirement of the technological platforms to have a human-to-human interaction whenever needed. Using this technique, one can immediately reduce the probability of uninstalling any web application whenever it starts misbehaving. Chatbots can easily rope out such possible issues and help in the keeping up of the apps.

6) Cloud

Cloud has made its way as the best ones to use for in creating any sort of Mobile app, and 2019 will be no exception for it. Cloud has got a sea of different benefits, which makes it the right fit to have for creating a well mounted Mobile app. It’s the best option to use for accumulating more data for any business. You can see how the cloud base companies are creating profits from both hands. Hance you mobile app creation with Cloud involvement can open gates of fortunes!

7) Security Apps

This is a term in the mobile App field whose demand is growing recklessly. With the increasing number of mobile applications in the web world, there’s a demanding requirement of having the best security apps too. So 2019 is going to be a golden year for web apps of this genre. Hence if you really want to make an exciting mobile app that can have the quick tendency to compel the users to download it, go for this one. Security apps are sure to help in the losses and other app checks to enhance the utilities!

8) Mobile Wallets

With every nation going cashless, almost every smartphone is supposed to have at least one forms of mobile wallets type. And this could be a perfect reason for any Mobile App developer to create a perfect one, yet another app to run successfully. The demand of mobile wallets isn’t going to end anytime soon, and there’s a huge demand of using the mobile wallets which could provide complete security from all possible outside threats, so its a very opportunistic way along with the other ones!

9) Wearables

Last but not least, the Wearables are among the industry which is facing rapid growth. According to the latest estimates, this industry’s growth can mark a reach of $72 billion by 2022. And this means that there will be always a requirement of a better application to create a combo with the Wearable devices and make it a huge hit in the market. Creating mobile apps using the wearable technology will directly connect its control panel via the smartphone, and this will be making even easier for the users.

So here were the most looked upon trends which are going to be the quick picks of every A-list Mobile App developers all over the world. Try your luck too, and use your talent in the direction of the latest trends!!