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WordPress is among the most popular content management systems available today. You will probably find most blogs built using WordPress if you browse the web. If you are searching for more information about this well-known CMS, you are at the right place. Direct Leadz helps businesses achieve their goals by designing and developing high-quality WordPress-based websites. We work with you on different stages of the process, including security, maintenance, and customizing plugins, so you don’t need to worry about anything. With our flexible payment system, we make sure you don’t overpay for a substandard product. Check out our skills and services below.

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Why You Should Work With Us

Business-Centric Development

We offer business-centric products developed by trained developers. As we design the product, we consider both its functionality and monetization potential. Our apps are designed with the utmost functionality in mind, starting with the logical backend to the easy-to-use UI.

Quality Assurance

We test our software multiple times to determine if there are any bugs or flaws before final delivery. We do manual and automated quality checks. By performing these tests, we ensure that your software’s security and performance are not compromised.
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Timely Service

Getting a product delivered on time is one of our highest priorities. In order to avoid delays in the development process, our technical team gives you an approximate time frame as well as daily updates. Further, our team updates you weekly on the developmental progress.

ROI guaranteed

In order to plan a successful launch of the product, our process management offers you predictable information about the ROI. As well as offering strategic consultation and recommendations, we develop each product in-house.
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Low Attribution Rate

Since our employees tend to stay with the company for years, we are less likely to lose a critical individual during an ongoing project. The same software architect will be assigned to your project throughout its development.


Each of our engineers works hard to meet your needs, even in the smallest details. It is our goal to construct websites and web apps that closely match the descriptions provided by our clients. Each stage of the development process, from features to design, is valued by us.

Service after the sale

In our business, customer relationships do not end the moment a product is delivered. We offer a continuous support service through our support team to make sure that your product is properly maintained. Additionally, we constantly update our websites and web applications to ensure their continual improvement.

Certified Developers

Each member of our development team has years of experience in building websites and web applications. In Australia, we are one of the most reputable companies for web development, so our engineers know the guidelines and limitations of most Operating Systems. Keeping in mind the specifics of your project, we assign our engineers based on exactly what you request.

Transparency in communication

Since the beginning of the development process, we have been thorough in our communication with clients. During the entire development process, including developing, coding, and integrating the latest technologies, our technical team will keep you updated so that you are never left in the dark. For updates about design, codes, and meetings, we can be reached via various channels of external and internal communication.

Services We Offer

Develop Custom Websites

Websites are designed by our team after thoroughly researching the latest trends in web design. WordPress experts can help you create a website in the language of your choice. Any business needs a smooth and interactive website to grow. In order to create your custom website, we pay close attention to the functionality and user experience..

WordPress Support And Maintenance

We provide WordPress support and maintenance for our clients’ current websites. We fix any issues with the code so that your website can be fully functional as soon as possible. We are happy to fix any issues, no matter how small or large they are. We at Direct Leadz provide your websites with regular updates so that they work without any glitches..

WordPress Security

Our top priority is website security. We carefully recheck our code to ensure it is error-free. We make sure that our developers use the newest version of PHP and invest in secure and reliable servers. As a precaution, we limit the number of login attempts and use the latest plugins to prevent hacking. Data privacy is a critical consideration in designing websites, which our engineers address by coding all encrypted connections with HTTP. We ensure the longevity of all our products by performing regular backups, updating, and maintaining them..

Online Stores

We are skilled at creating new online eCommerce shops as well as updating existing ones. Online shops for eCommerce businesses can boost your sales. In addition to creating user-friendly websites, we also make sure that the backend is easy to use. With our inventory and package tracking system, you can keep track of your inventory with ease. Our goal is to create an enjoyable experience for you and your clients, from tracking tabs to support tabs..

Custom Plugin Development

We develop custom plugins for your websites to help your business grow and earn more money. Installing the plugins your business needs is easy, whether it is Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime, Java, Photoshop, Winamp, or any other. Moreover, we verify that the plugins are up to date and compatible with your platform..

Our Strengths

  • Experienced developers who are certified in several programming languages
  • Effective and quick communication every day.
  • Completed and delivered websites on time.
  • Customization of all your websites based on your needs

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages for Front Ends: JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • PHP (Back End Programming Language)
  • Database Management: WP_Query, MySQL
  • JavaScript Libraries: Anime.JS, Anime.JS, Angolia Places, Chart.JS, Bideo.JS, Cleave.JS, React