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Avo Automation

Avo Automation is the gold standard for quality-first and human-centered automations that are the simplest to use, most intelligent, and continually resilient. We empower people to liberate their potential with the best technology for AI-driven process discovery and test automation.

Founded in 2015, Avo Automation started with the development of AI-driven computer vision technology – a fancy phrase for super smart automation. By 2019, our technology was so advanced we became the first company to offer a holistic, enterprise-grade platform that unifies process discovery and test automation into a unified platform.

At Avo, we aspire to make automation so simple, smart, and resilient that we liberate humans from mundane tasks and converge IT and business for creative transformation.​

The most valuable asset in business is its people, yet studies show that more than 90% of employees spend less than 25% of their day on innovation and creativity.

When people are paired with intelligent digital assistants that automate the boring, unfulfilling tasks in their day, they have more time for the inspiring, and fun parts of their job. This leads to more engagement, more productivity, and more profit.

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