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The Best SEO Techniques To Increase Organic Traffic

by Nikunj Jagad | June 28, 2022 | All
The Best SEO Techniques To Increase Organic Traffic
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As time passes, the online market gets more and more competitive! In today’s digital age, staying on top of your industry is a necessity. If you’re a startup, a small business, or a large corporation, you need an industry-specific SEO strategy!
96% of all smartphone searches take place on Google? It is noteworthy that 70 to 80% of users tend to ignore sponsored ads, demonstrating the importance of organic traffic. Since Google algorithm updates are frequent, taking advantage of trending SEO strategies is logical!
This article outlines the 10 most effective SEO tactics for driving organic traffic in 2022 as the year draws to a close. You can align your SEO strategies for 2022 with these advanced SEO concepts to stay on top of the latest developments.

Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever thought about how SEO works? You may have heard that SEO is critical for every business. SEO, in its most basic sense, is the process of optimizing content so that search engines rank it higher for related keywords. A search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing crawls websites to check the content.
Businesses need to understand the core functionality of their website before determining the best SEO strategy. How did you know that Google evaluates content based on more than 500 factors?
Ranking high on search engines has become a necessity as the digital space becomes increasingly competitive. Paid ads, promotions, and advertisements are paid tasks, and this is where organic traffic matters! If a user is looking for a product or service and your site appears in the results, that’s the ideal scenario.

What are the most effective SEO techniques and why is it important?

Seventy-five percent of searchers never scroll beyond the first page of results! In 2022, SEO techniques must be robust with this much competition. The next step after you’ve covered the basics is to implement advanced SEO techniques.
We know that SEO techniques are relevant and impactful, but what exactly are they? This article introduces you to the top 10 effective SEO techniques for the next year if you are planning early.

Voice Search Optimization

By 2022, approximately 40% of US internet users will use voice commands. Alexa, Google, Siri, Bixby, and other intelligent assistants have greatly enhanced the use of voice search.
By using long-tail and location-based keywords on your website in addition to a conversational tone, your voice search optimization will be effective.

Meta titles should be optimized for CTR

Since people are inclined to notice the meta titles and descriptions on websites, they should be optimized as well. Therefore, putting keywords in your meta title will help you rank higher on search engine results pages. The length of meta titles varies between 60 and 60 characters while descriptions vary between 150 and 160 characters. Meta titles with keywords assist Google in understanding the content of a webpage.

E-A-T Theory

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT) theory explains why Google places such a high value on reputation! Reviewers, ratings, customer comments, and other factors are used to evaluate the authenticity and credibility of a website.
Your website should have quality content that highlights all of your accreditations and awards. Be professional when responding to feedback.

Optimization of technical SEO

Enhancing the content and emphasizing the technical aspect of SEO will be upcoming trends in 2022. It does not matter if it is the optimal content per page or the crawl rate or the speed of the page – everything plays a role. To drive organic traffic in 2022, you need to ensure your redirects, backlinks, and URL structure are in place.

Focus on Local SEO

Local business owners should add local keywords to their meta descriptions! Local search results can be boosted by Google algorithms only if the location on your page is clearly mentioned. Adding your name, contact information, and address to your website and using Google My Business will give you more credibility.

Mobile-friendly website

Nowadays, smartphones play a crucial role in digital marketing! Google recently announced that mobile speed will soon be a ranking factor. A mobile-first version should be developed and then aligned with other platforms.

High-Quality Content

Content that is longer (over 3k words) tends to generate more traffic than shorter content, but the key is to keep users engaged. SEO in 2021 will continue to include creating buyer personas as it has in recent years.
Target audiences are quite attracted to this approach if presented correctly. If you mention stats, mention the source of the information to make the content more authentic.

Invest in video content

We have the perfect answer for you if you’re wondering how to increase traffic with SEO – video optimization! The content will reach the targeted audience if you incorporate a few relevant keywords and hashtags. By introducing your channel in a user-friendly manner, you can increase organic traffic.

Website Security

You should enable HTTPS for your website in order to protect the content and website. Your encrypted site is even counted by Google and receives a minor SEO boost.

Featured Snippets

Snippets are one of the elements Google uses to highlight organic content! The content within must be concise, effective, and to the point since only one snippet is displayed per page. You can enhance your snippet’s effectiveness with schema markup.


Every SEO technique in 2022 will be centered on people and personalized experiences! The key to success will be to develop content that is relevant to the target audience. In order to prepare for the challenges ahead, you must stay on top of changes while managing a business.