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What are the benefits of using WordPress?

by Nikunj Jagad | June 9, 2022 | All
What are the benefits of using WordPress
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What is WordPress?

Almost one-third of all websites around the world are powered by WordPress, from small blogs to large corporate websites. Despite being one of the many site builders and content management systems available for free download, WordPress has its own unique features, making it the most popular one currently in use.

WordPress vs. the Competition

WordPress comes in first place among the world’s three most common site building packages, followed by Joomla and Drupal. You can download and use all of them for free, and they come with numerous optional add-ons.

Joomla, as well as Drupal both, require some understanding of HTML CSS and PHP programming. In addition to offering features for experienced users, WordPress also offers features for beginners, so they can set up a website quickly without any programming knowledge.

8 Benefits of using the WordPress Platform

Here are a few key advantages of using WordPress to build and run a personal or business website.

1. Easy to customize

The WordPress platform was originally designed to fit the needs of bloggers and web publishers, but it powers a wide range of websites with a variety of purposes. Large multinational corporations run complex WordPress sites, small businesses manage their sites, and individuals create blogs using it. In addition to eCommerce stores, WordPress can also showcase portfolios, run social networks, run groups, and host podcasts. No matter what a company’s needs, WordPress comes with its core package and a variety of free and paid plugins. Because WordPress is so easily customizable and has so many themes, companies can adapt it to match their changing needs without having to learn any new code.

2. User-friendly

Even if you have no technical expertise, you can install and set up a WordPress site in no time at all. In order to use a domain name and web hosting account, all the user needs is a domain name and an account. Your WordPress hosting provider can install WordPress for free, or you can upload it directly from It is then possible to create pages and posts using an intuitive and easy-to-use admin dashboard.

3. A variety of themes are available

The WordPress themes directory, which consists of a large and growing number of free and premium themes, allows users to customize the appearance and functionality of a new site. The WordPress theme directory has thousands of free themes for new sites, and thousands more can be found on design marketplaces and purchased from third-party developers. To change the look and layout of a WordPress site, themes can be previewed online and installed at any time.

4. Use plugins to extend the functionality

In WordPress, you can create a basic site, but many users want to add more specialized features that fit the site’s needs. A WordPress site can be enhanced with plugins, which are small pieces of code that perform specific tasks. The plugin directory includes hundreds of plugins that add features like contact forms shopping carts, galleries, and more. Thousands of third-party plugins can also be bought and installed by users. It’s possible to activate or deactivate and uninstall plugins as needed.

5. WordPress Sites Rank High

With Search Engines WordPress Sites Rank High on Search Engines like Google. It’s easy to rank high for keywords on WordPress sites because they’re constantly updated and offer a wide variety of SEO tools and plugins, which allow you to optimize content for search engine optimization.

6. Mobile-Friendly Sites

Google also considers mobile responsiveness in its rankings, so websites need to be user-friendly regardless of the device. Plugins and adjustments to theme files can also be used to make a static site responsive using WordPress.

7. WordPress Sites Come with a Built-In Blog

Content management system software like WordPress makes it easy for you to publish content because it has multiple features. A great example of this is the ability to access blogs easily from any device in the world. This makes it easy for users to add blogs to their websites without having to create them separately. The blog feature can be used for updating and announcing even on sites unrelated to blogging.

8. Good Support

WordPress is open-source and free, so it’s supported worldwide by WordPress communities. The WordPress community is responsible for modifying the source code and keeping the platform updated and secure. Hosting WordPress camps around the world and supporting local WordPress user groups are other ways the WordPress community engages with users.

Approximately 30 percent of all website content management systems use WordPress, and it’s not hard to see why. Anyone can create a WordPress website with WordPress, not just experienced web developers, and these tools can be equally useful for small personal sites and for large, complicated corporate websites. WordPress can be used to build a wide range of websites thanks to its themes and plugins.

WordPress hosting is essential if you intend to build a WordPress site. By using your WordPress account, you can access your dashboard and save time.