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Why Laravel Is the Best Framework for Your Next Project

by Nikunj Jagad | July 22, 2022 | All
Why Laravel Is the Best Framework for Your Next Project
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You’ll quickly see the benefits of using Laravel over other PHP frameworks with its fast, scalable, secure, and versatile features.

Today, dozens of web coders are available for hire when it comes to building web applications. The built-in modules found in open-source PHP frameworks enable you to seamlessly add tasks to your web application that used to take hundreds of lines of code just a few years ago.

By hiring a backend developer who knows the right PHP framework, you’ll save thousands of hours and be able to launch an easy-to-use website faster than your competitors. Laravel is our preferred framework for building client projects, for this reason. PHP frameworks such as this open-source PHP framework are fast, secure, versatile, and can reduce your development costs by up to 35 percent.

What is Laravel?

Since 2011, Taylor Otwell has been developing the open-source Laravel PHP framework. Because of the lack of authentication and authorization functionality in CodeIgniter, it was created.

Developers are constantly adding new modules and capabilities to this open-source framework. Every year, Laravel gets better and more robust, with eight versions released since its release.

We recommend Laravel to our clients due to its many benefits. Check out Laravel interview questions if you’re hiring a Laravel developer, so you can be sure you get the right guy.

What makes Laravel so popular?

An elegant web application platform like Laravel is built around 18 user ecosystems focused on security, customer communication, and more.

Every day, new innovations around the framework are developed by thousands of developers around the world thanks to its open-source backbone.

No matter how big or small your web application is, it is easy to use and affordable to use. Because of this, Laravel’s framework is hard to ignore.

Is Laravel Right for Your Project?

There are a number of benefits to Laravel that come standard with the framework, such as authentication logic, mailer library drivers, cross-site scripting protection, error handling, and message queueing.

Developers can use pre-programmed bundles in your website with only a few lines of code – reducing your development costs by about 35 percent and avoiding thousands of lines of custom coding.

Plus, these modules are compatible with other email and communication systems, so you can communicate seamlessly with your website visitors no matter what platform they use.

In addition to the code behind the scenes, Laravel offers many other advantages. Additionally, the framework provides a variety of design templates that are all responsive, no matter if the site is accessed on a desktop, mobile device, or tablet.

Laravel’s backend code is separate from the front end, which is perhaps one of its greatest advantages. A small detail may seem insignificant, but your business can be affected greatly by it.

There are too many benefits to summarize when it comes to using Laravel. We’ll drill down into each of them to explain Laravel’s advantages over other frameworks.

What Are the Top Benefits of Laravel?

The most secure method of identifying a customer or making a purchase must be available when they visit your site or wish to purchase. If your sign-in system is slow or difficult to use, even for just a few seconds, you will lose customers.

With Laravel, you can securely access your resources through lightning-fast, intuitive, elegant, easy-to-understand authentication systems.

Implementation of fast caching

You need a fast website if you care about your users’ experience. Cache systems must run smoothly in order to achieve this. Laravel frameworks are known for their ease of caching integration, which is one of their many advantages.

Memcached and Redis are supported by Laravel out-of-the-box, and cached objects are stored in the file system. The best part of Laravel is that developers are able to create multiple cache configurations, which is ideal for large websites.

A safe, secure transaction environment

Your first concern should be secure if your website processes user data and payments. Developing a healthcare app, for instance, will give you access to a lot of personal data. Additionally, Laravel comes with built-in protection from SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting. As a result, it is heavily guarded due to the heavy usage of its codebase.

Developers can learn how to build in Laravel with the help of the online community and tutorials included in the ecosystem. Your business can benefit from creating web applications with rock-solid security.

Error management forms

Your website’s customer forms can cause you a lot of trouble, especially when your users enter the wrong information. The built-in error and exception handling systems in a Laravel framework are one of its main advantages.

A variety of powerful log handlers are supported by the Monolog logging library, which Laravel uses. Error messages will be integrated right into your customer’s forms, and you’ll be able to resolve errors quickly and efficiently.

Processes for automating testing

At Direct Leadz, we love Laravel’s testing protocols as one of its benefits. Testing is at the core of Laravel’s design. Laravel supports PHP Unit testing out of the box, and a phpunit.xml file is already set up, right in the application.

With this method, the developer can test not just the entire site, but also individual functions, such as filling out forms, clicking links, and purchasing items.

Quick URL Routing

Developers can easily create new packages using Laravel and publish them for the community to use. A package from the packagist can be easily installed using Laravel’s service provider by adding only 2 lines of code. One of the biggest advantages of Laravel is its flexibility.

Queued messaging with priority

A truly robust website sends messages with receipts, handles membership requests and purchases, tracks orders, and so forth. In some cases, such as purchase information, certain messages are more important than others, such as a reminder that your account is due for renewal. However, Laravel can prioritize them.

Clearly, this is a key benefit of the Laravel framework. Your site will prioritize the important messages, i.e. those that affect your users’ experience and revenue if thousands of requests arrive at any given moment.

Templates with beautiful designs

Laravel’s Template Tool is one of our favorite benefits. Hundreds of beautiful site layouts with content-coding and seeding are available with this lightweight, powerful, and pre-installed tool.

With it, you’ll be able to design pages for any online presence that are responsive and modern. You won’t have to do much heavy lifting with JS and CSS widgets.

Multilingual web applications

Its fast and capable multilingual site versioning is another advantage of Laravel’s superior routing capabilities. Your web visitors will always be delivered to the right page in the right language when scrolling between language options in Laravel.


There are many advantages to using Laravel over other frameworks on both a business and technical level. We have experienced this first hand on a client’s project using Laravel. The client’s needs determine how often we turn to this framework.

Laravel development services, including web development, have been offered by our company for many years. The expert Laravel developers at our company can provide you with Laravel development solutions that will enhance your online business.