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Top 5 Things to Know Before Creating an ‘All Generation’ Mobile App

by Nikunj Jagad | February 20, 2019 | All
Top 5 Things to Know Before Creating an ‘All Generation’ Mobile App
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Today’s era is ruled by winsome & user-friendly mobile applications. There are almost 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world right now, and this big number of people are used to a variety of mobile applications every now and then. The Internet is full of multiple Mobile apps for every single niche. Apps have been a direct way to get connected to the user and avail the best of functions and user utilities. There’s very tough competition between the Mobile applications of all levels. It has become a fashion for the users to change the apps every week, and this makes it even more difficult for the app developers to create a One with universal functions that could be easy to access for people belonging to every age.

Are you another Mobile app developer in the process of making your debut app? Or you are creating your 50th mobile application. Whatever your experience in the mobile app developer career is, if you don’t know the trends, likes, and dislikes of the people, then you will never make the right application for them. And for creating a really nice app for all generations, you need to keep these special points in mind…

1) Funny & Friendly App Designs

The funzone isn’t limited to children and teenagers, even the adults and senior citizens demand similar apps utilities. So before creating any sort of mobile application, its really needed to think about the looks of it, and how will the users interact the easiest way. Consider a teenager who is playing a video game using the app. You would like them to understand the game rules, playing technique in a quick way. So that it would not be too hard for them to understand the trick. Now if an adult plays the same game, then they are wise enough to tickle the trick in 1 or a couple of attempts. But, to keep them stick to your application, you gotta have nice effects, attractive application & graphics designing. And similarly for the elderly citizens, you can have bright color combinations, nice sound effects and character looks.

This was just about the gaming app, similarly, there are mobile applications for business, personal use, reading, writing, daily routine, workout, styling, cooking etc. The application’s layout & graphics are going to be the real hero in the success making of it. So be prepared!

2) Using the Best Application making Platforms

Now the applications aren’t only limited to HD, 2D or 3D. There are so many new alternatives that have gained the public interest in the form of live application effect, AR & VR technology, Wearable devices, Smart Objects, Effective Sensors, Application Performance Management and what not. These trends will come and go, but it’s up to you to keep making the revolutionary changes to make it worth to grab the eyeballs of every age group of audience. The more facilities you will be adding to your mobile application, the fewer users will feel the need of installing a different app for the same purpose. Sounds Good?

3) Application SetUp and Personalization

Our mobile phones have become nothing less than an important asset, full of personal secrets and important stuff. And all the applications used by the users must be having a unique app personalism system. Meaning, the ease of allowing the users to make their profile, login credentials, add or change profile photo, link to any social media platforms & every other setup that could add up to the easy personalization of the Application. Whatever the generation age factor it be, if your mobile app is providing a better platform to connect with the basic utilities, along with giving the premium use Setup, then no doubt more and more people will be downloading it. Creating any app with lots of friction, complexities will leave your audience in irritation and they are prone to uninstall it.

However, making it easy for the user to understand the full concept of the app, like making it quick for them to login or register, browse their stuff, read their history, and perform the important searches and function will really make your app’s way straight to the user’s heart.

4) User’s Safety and Security & M-Commerce

This has been a major issue especially because of the hackers, app misfunctioning, illegal linking to wrong sites, unwanted content & unpermitted leaking of users private data. These days have been a trend of robbing off the important, random or private information for business, cyber bullying, or criminal purpose. So its very important for you to take care of this immediate need while creating the app of any kind. If you, as a web developer are able to give full freedom for your users to use the application without risking their data, then only your application will be well accepted by the users throughout the world.

M-Commerce is a trend now, and everybody is having more than one apps for doing quick mobile transactions. Mobile Commerce has been a revolutionary step to make the world go cashless and safe. But on the other hand, it has also opened windows of capital fraud by cloning the card numbers, or the application’ failure to protect the user’ credentials. If you are creating an app to fetch the MCommerce needs, then make sure the money transfer, user credentials, card or bank details can be kept safe.

5) Unwanted Content & Advertisement

I know you’re making an app to get your name, fame, and capital. But, in the name of this don’t create a mess with the user’s ease of using the applications. Your application, in order to make it freely usable by the people belonging to every age gap, must NOT be loaded with unwanted content exposure, and over lots of advertisement. Some content may be provoking, and cause a sense of uncomfortness, hurt various human sentiments and may have violent content too. And the links mentioned in the website also shouldn’t connect your audience to such creepy stuff. So always take care of such things while creating your app.

All in all, you will have to get the exact nerve of the audience around the world. Only knowing your primary ain’t gonna help you to make the right app. Mobile and its trends are always in the ever-changing mode, so create your application with complete care, and be aware of all those points which I have mentioned above.

Good luck!!